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Multimedia destop speaker sets, for better sound


Multimedia Speakers, I'm afraid many people will ignore this type of speaker that you hear most often and most often. I remember the author's first computer, equipped with Edifier 2.0 multimedia speakers, according to the current speech is to listen to a ring, because cheap! Back to now, after I became a family member, I always valued the quality of life. Therefore, I have already waved to say goodbye. Familiar with the author of the author know that some time ago used the Edifier S1000 multimedia Bluetooth speakers, redefining the entry HiFi sound quality, is his pertinent evaluation, the only drawback is the size of the large, on the computer table a little hard. Until I met the beautiful sound D15 Multimedia Speaker from Taiwan, I found that although it is compact, it still has great energy and good sound quality. Is it worthwhile to start with the following goods?

D15 speaker packaging is still very Western style, why? Is it because of a beautiful babes? In fact, because the packaging is all in English, there is no Chinese labeling. After all, it is a Taiwanese manufacturer and an internationally oriented product, but if it is to be listed on the mainland, it must be clearly marked. Apart from this factor, the packaging uses a classic black and white color, which is mysterious and generous. The appearance of the speaker is also very intuitively printed on the packaging.

On the side of the package, a user-friendly illustration shows the speaker application scenarios, usage methods, and parts list. In addition to two speakers, there are remote controls, button batteries, power cords, power adapters, and 3.5mm audio cables.

Remove the foam on the cover and the speaker is firmly fixed in the center. Violence delivery is no way to damage the speakers. There is also a white box on the front, which should be equipped with speakers accessories.

Let me think that the author is more strange is that D15 speakers actually use a laptop and similar power adapter, the output is 19V, 3.42A. Is it right? It can be said from the high voltage output of the power supply is decided, this small speaker will have great energy?

Although touch buttons are set on the main speakers, the D15 is still user-friendly with an infrared remote control. The only functions that can be operated are the power switch and volume addition and subtraction. The volume of the remote control is large, and it is not easy to slip off with one hand. However, I believe that it can still be used as a small volume, after all, it is just a button battery.

D15 speaker is very heavy in the hands, the original is a whole body of metal materials, the advantage is that it can effectively reduce the resonance generated at high volume. Its shape is high and low before the front there are some tilt angle, for users sitting in front of the computer will have a better radio effect. The upper part of the front is a metal mesh cover, the lower part is metal, all painted with a pure white piano, feel very good. Of course, this must also be a fingerprint collector, but white does not look out.

Both sides of the speaker are made of metal and fixed with hexagon screws. It can be seen that there is a convex circle. This is not only for the unique shape, but there is black technology inside. I'll tell you right away.

The back of the main speaker is more abundant. From left to right, there are sub-speaker audio output ports, power input ports, and 3.5mm audio input ports. The three jacks are all different sizes, so don't worry about getting stuck.

Just talked about this speaker's shape is somewhat different, both sides have a raised shape. This is a beautiful sound invention technology, similar to the traditional speaker with a circular hole. Through a unique design, the speakers have strip-like inverting holes on both sides, so that the sound boost output, coupled with a stable supply of high voltage, so that the small body also has a sound output.

Three touch buttons are also set on the top of the main speaker. From left to right are the power button and the volume down/plus button. When the power is turned on, there will be a white LED light in the speaker. If you adjust the volume, it will flash to inform you, but if you adjust it to the top, it will not flash again.

The front and side of the secondary speakers are the same as the main speakers, but there are some differences on the back. An audio input cable is fixed on the back and needs to be connected to the back of the main speaker.

At the bottom of the main speaker there are product branding parameters that can be seen as Taiwanese designs and made in China (Taiwan is also an integral part of China). Also set two transparent silicone strips before and after, with a good anti-slip effect.

Beautiful sound D15 multimedia speakers speaker unit is a 30W NdFeB full-Range Speaker. NdFeB is a kind of rare earth permanent magnet material, which not only has permanent magnetic properties, but also makes the 2.3-inch speaker unit more dynamic and musical.

The sound source used for the evaluation of the D15 sound speaker is a lossless music format. The output is SONY's portable player A25 and OPPO's R7s phone, and of course, desktop computers. After nearly 300 hours of downtime with the SoomalRun software, the sound quality has stabilized. Here's to talk about the highlight of this small speaker - the sound performance.

Let's talk about the performance of high frequencies: I prefer to listen to Marianne Sorsen's violin performance and the Mozart Violin Concerto with the Trondheim solo orchestra. The performance of the violin's timbre is more rounded and smooth, and it does not give people a sense of suspicion. In particular, using the Sony A25 player, there will be a warm feeling, of course, Sony's low-end player audio will be heavier, this depends on personal preferences. For such a small dynamic symphony, the D15 still has good control. If it is dynamic, it will be powerless. Considering the size of the speakers, there is no need to criticize the performance. This performance quality is worthy of the author's affirmation.

In terms of midrange: Recently, in "I am a singer 4" hot Wang Xia's "Autumn Leaves", D15 speaker is very suitable for the performance of such a deep and honest voice, but also with the elastic medium-low frequency, all make people impression profound. Listening to Dilibayer's “The Nightingale”, the first half of the speakers performed a little boring, but at the end of the last climax, the female voice was loud and clear, and the speaker was able to steadily control the sound at the highest sound.

The most surprising thing is still in the low frequency: Thanks to the unique design of the speakers, D15's placement requires some, can not be too close to the wall behind, or low-frequency reflections will make the voice performance particularly ambiguous. Or come up with a classic "Yanhuang first drum." At first listening, the dive is deeper, the intensity is also very strong, and it is also very flexible. It is a bit surprised that such a small speaker can emit such a large amount of energy. With the acceleration of the rhythm, the increase in the number of drums, and the low frequency of high-intensity, the control of the small-sized speakers is somewhat incompetent, and the images are scattered. It should have reached its limit.

The sound quality performance of the D15 mini multimedia speakers produced by the relatively high value of the face value and the small size of the body is better than many 2.1 multimedia speakers and has already conquered the author. Of course, if you can join the Bluetooth wireless connection function, it is more cost-effective. Who says that Mini Speakers can't have good HiFi sound quality? If you want to replace the traditional Small Speakers on the desktop, you can listen to this speaker from Taiwan.

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