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How is the speaker smart ?


What do you do with a speaker? I think this has its own different answers for everyone, so let's summarize. First of all, the demand for music is believed to be recognized by most people.That is need the speaker insdie the box need to be a nice Full Range Speaker so thatprocess all kind of sound included music is well ! After all, the original definition of the speakers was the same. Secondly, there are many ways to connect speakers. Wireless is a big trend, and Bluetooth connection is also the most popular way to connect mobile devices and speakers. So that we got a Bluetooth Speaker idea, just like some Bluetooth speaker fucntion i nthe market ! However, for speakers, there are many different scenarios. Just a way to play a role, science and technology are improving, if the speakers in the Internet+ era can only passively become a sounder, I think this is not the industry or speaker itself,that's is to call , smart speaker ! Today's era Artificial intelligence has become the next Internet outlet. When the speakers encounter AI, what kind of passion will it send out?

In fact, as early as the end of 2014, Amazon launched a product called the Echo Smart Speaker. The reaction on the market can be described as a blaring firecracker. The sales data of 5.1 million units I would like to look at the industry is also difficult to have opponents. Matching, now is the year of the AI era. China Zhizhi has already been at the forefront of the world. Whether it is R&D or the keen sense of the market, Chinese manufacturers are already the main force in the current market, so this year's 6 In January, the Himalayan FM officially released the Xiaoya AI speaker. Can it set off an AI craze? Let’s take a look together.

The author got the Xiaoya AI speaker is gray, in addition to red and black options, but personally think that gray should be the most amount of a, after all, in the color of gray can almost match with the home and not Any sense of non-compliance, after all, in the consumer-deciding market, consumers have leapt from the idea that there was no need to exist in the past to the present. The entire front of the speaker does not seem to have any buttons, the minimalist design is also in line with the current fast-paced luxury concept. Only one Himalayan word can be seen on the front and nothing else.

The top inner circle of the Xiaoya AI speaker is a circular pause and play button design, and the outer ring is a volume control knob. Both the design sense and the blessing of the CNC cutting process also allow it to be processed in detail. In place, the edge of a circle of LED lights is the status indicator, function, design sense, Xiaoya AI speaker really surpass other opponents in the face value.

On the back, the Xiaoya AI speaker has a physical button that mutes the microphone.

The long cylindrical design is not much different from traditional speakers. It may be that everyone thinks that the base of the Xiaoya AI speaker is slightly thin, but the feeling of the author's actual hands is that the integrated metal base is rigid and reliable. The important thing is that in the buffer design, the soft cushions with a little cat paw design sense are very kind, and the minimalist design on the base also allows the minimalist style of Xiaoya AI speakers to continue.

Xiaoya AI speaker needs a separate power supply, does not have a built-in battery, power outlet is also designed on the base, good concealment.

Power wire also uses the current popular noodle material, the power supply is designed with 18V2A, a total of 36W, in the home speaker is considered a very high power, and think of Xiaoya AI speaker so the body also implies a large energy.

As a main artificial intelligence speaker, Xiaoya AI speaker has a separate APP design, which can set a lot of content, download only need to scan the two-dimensional code on the instructions can be.

Unlike Bluetooth pairing, the Xiaoya AI speaker is paired through a dedicated APP. It only needs to be turned on. If there is no WIFI, the Xiaoya AI speaker will remind the user with orange light, as long as the app is used. After setting up the network, the Xiaoya AI speaker is officially part of the family. It should be noted that the Xiaoya AI speaker currently only supports 2.4 GHz. Currently, it is a relatively popular practice. It is expected that the 5 GHz wireless network should be added to the later upgraded version.

In front of the author, I used a word. When the network of Xiaoya AI speakers was set up, it officially became a part of the family. This is not an exaggeration. In addition to the traditional music and radio, the powerful big data through the Himalayas. Behind the scenes, it can also tell children stories, sing children's songs, do calculations, and can broadcast real-time news to old people, listen to Beijing opera, and report weather. It can even help users find mobile phones, check express delivery, and set alarm clocks. What makes me incredible is that the Xiaoya AI speaker is just a speaker, but relying on the background of a powerful cloud data can seamlessly connect with the intelligent products of millet, Midea, Haier and other manufacturers, it can be described as 18 martial arts proficient !

When the author took home, his wife and children had a keen interest in the Xiaoya AI speaker. In his wife's words, “You can play with your child all day with Xiaoya!” What I want to hear directly with Xiaoya AI speaker said "Xiaoya Xiaoya", Xiaoya AI speaker will respond with the fastest and most enthusiastic "I am it!" "I want to listen to children's songs, "the flag is more beautiful" "" Okay, immediately broadcast "the national flag "Beautiful and beautiful!"" Whether it is speed or quality, it has a very good guarantee, and even it supports the definition of the exclusive password, so that each Xiaoya AI speakers are unique to the user, this exclusive feeling is very intimate.

Since the digital evaluation, my wife and children have also seen me move home to a lot of things. However, Xiaoya AI speakers are the ones they feel most satisfied with. None of them have used the Xiaoya AI speakers for a few days. The whole feeling is that it is so smart. Whether it is doing household chores or sleeping with children, Xiaoya AI speakers will accompany us in the most appropriate way. Perhaps, this is the smart new life that Xiaoya AI speakers bring us. It!

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