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BOX speaker for music powerful sound listening


Before sharing installed operations, many eye-catching friends asked the speaker on the desktop specific models, whether it is Swans M1, so just send an open box to introduce the box, from Swans M1A.

Before talking about M1A, we must talk about the Swans M1. The M1 is a classic passive small-volume bookshelf case. The band-type speaker setup allows the box to have excellent transients. In addition, the ultimate workmanship also makes the inside and outside of the box full of texture. This time, Swans also released the M1A, a continuation of the classic model.

In fact, this time will start with the M1A this box, mainly before listening to friends new M3A, really attracted by the quality of the box, plus a comprehensive wireless multi-source input support. However, M3A has a disadvantage for me. It is too big. Renting a large box in the living room of the house is a bit unsuitable. Therefore, I did not expect to use it before. I did not expect to publish the M1A later, and I ordered a set at random.

The box was bought in a physical store. On the Internet, only Jingdong was currently sold, and a JD link was lost.

HiVi M1A Magnetic Band High-fidelity Active Speaker 4999 yuan Jingdong Direct Buy Reasons

Although the M1A is a compact desktop bookshelf, it does not feel much compact. . . Physical objects were dead, any single box was nearly 14kg, and I could only move one branch when I moved.

The "swan" box has been bought quite a bit right now, but it is still looking forward to removing the protective cover.

The included cable is mainly a pair of power cables, a pair of RCA signal cables, a main and auxiliary box connection cable, a fiber optic cable, and a 3.5-turn RCA converter. At present, the front-end is an innovative X5 with various wireless applications. Look at the situation and then consider upgrading the line.

Now all kinds of desktop devices do not consciously add a feature, that is, the "furniture" attribute, I believe that no one wants this kind of glance at the device's texture or appearance. M1A believes it will meet this requirement.

The appearance of the M1A still continues with the new version of the M1, and the compact settings of the boxy square. Compared with the M3A, individuals may prefer the appearance of the M1A.

After removing the speaker cover, the front panel is more characteristic of the M1A. The front panel of the leather can't help people touching, and if not often idle, individuals also recommend removing the panel to reveal the appearance of the box body.

There is an inclination between the box and the front panel. I don't know if it is for sound optimization. Remember that M3A has related optimization.

At the top is a magnetic band Tweeter such as the Swans patent. The M1A's new belt-type treble has twice the vibration area of the old M1. The diaphragm uses ultra-thin Kapton material. The quality of the entire vibration system is only dozens of ordinary tweeters. One in a minute.

The following is a 6.5-inch Kevlar bulletproof fabric Woofer, diaphragm Kevlar anti-ballistic fiber, in theory, this material is more elastic and fatigue-resistant, but the actual sound performance still have to go under the ears.

In addition, the biggest difference between M1A and M3A is that it is a dual-frequency unit box and a tri-frequency unit box.

I believe this is the "swan" logo that many people are familiar with.

The cabinets of handcrafted logs are distinguished by their pattern or touch. The M1 first edition of the decorative slot line design is still preserved.

M1A and M3A's cabinets are still more sophisticated, in addition to the use of Southeast Asian logs, even the surface pattern must be selected matching. The dense log box also helps eliminate resonances.

The IO port on the back of the main box is more complicated than the computer. The main M1A is positioned in the new age multimedia audio box, so it supports Wi-Fi, RJ45, Bluetooth, optical fiber and RCA input. It is also such a rich multi-source input that I have considered starting. one.

Other appearances

experience feelings

In terms of experience, let's use it first. Although this is a weakness for traditional Hi-Fi speakers, it is one of M1A's strengths. Compared with M1, M1A has changed from passive to active. Another major change is support for various new audio sources, such as Wi-Fi transmission, Bluetooth 4.0 APTX. Tossing off high-end wireless audio knows that it is important to support these multi-input inputs, especially Wi-Fi transmission support, to avoid loss of sound quality during transmission.

In addition to being able to switch, the M1A comes with a remote control that allows you to switch between various sources.

The box itself is also built-in decoding, and the actual experience is still acceptable. The individual did not consider upgrading the decoder or amplifier at a later stage, because after the upgrade, the cost was increased and the original settings of the box were also destroyed.

Wi-Fi module use, use fairly simple, the box is equivalent to a built-in wireless module, with the control device (computer or mobile phone) after logging in WiFi network, like wireless routing can be set to log in, you can also set the bridge mode, so that It will already be connected to the original network.

The M1A supports AirPlay. After the wireless network is set up, the M1A becomes the audio device in the LAN. The Apple device on the same network can directly specify the playback without additional connection.

to sum up

Listening part, remember that the box to the day of the hand can not wait to install the sound, may be related to the placement of the place, the beginning of the feeling is the sound of the front, the sense of liveliness is obvious, unexpected convergence of the low-frequency part, may not open with the new box there relationship.

Later, the box has been used for more than half a month. Recently, my colleagues just happened to pull out the soundtrack of his collection “The Sad City,” so I just listened and listened.

Both the high frequency and the low frequency can be regarded as the place where M1A is more colorful. The high frequency part extends naturally. The curve is smooth and not sharp and thornless. It is basically similar to the listening experience of M3A. The separation of different instrumental music is relatively natural, especially the difference in the sound source is obvious, and the sound volume can be heard normally or slightly larger to hear the details of different sound sources.

The front part of the low-frequency part also said that the personal impression was “convergence” probably because it was not used in that particular musical experience. It was obviously much better to change the Ghost Taikoi to audition. This “convergence” is in fact a weight. M1A's low-frequency performance is very powerful in the space of more than ten square feet of individuals, and the boxing to meat is not dragging its feet. In the "scurry" part of the music, the speed and clarity of the switch between drums are also outstanding. Personally feel that M1A's low frequency is not only suitable for dealing with war movies, but also this type of drum music is very suitable.

What about the midrange part of M1A? It is a relatively neutral voice. The sound is not heavy. The voice is slightly on the front, and it is more tolerable than a thousand-yuan box. As for the overall performance of the sound, the sound density is relatively large, the analysis is strong, and the tri-band convergence is more natural. As for the knot image, it may require more detailed experience to experience for some time.

In terms of overall experience, as a new era of wireless Multimedia Speakers, the performance of the M1A is not only omnipotent, but also the audio performance is excellent. Compared with the traditional bookshelf box, the M1A is more functional (multi-source support, built-in effects Good audio amplifier decoding) sound tuning excellence; and relative to the price of stylish Wireless Speakers, M1A's overall sound quality can be said to be unmatched.

At present, the personal feelings of the M1A's shortcomings, is probably compared with the requirements placed on the environment, and the WiFi signal is more general.

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